Winter Solstice

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The magic of Winter is here in Australia, and as we peak with tomorrow's Full Moon we welcome the shortest day of the year. With every full moon we feel the lead up to the grand illumination energy that lunar brings, but here on the day of Winter Solstice we receive an opportunity to look within to our internal disharmonies. To see the reflections and bring expansion into our Shadow self. The lead up often giving us situations externally that trigger or reflect our own stories, on this full moon we have the environmental support to own what is ours. This allowing the emerging from the dark (of Winter Solstice) into the potential of what is to come... Spring and Summer. Here we can make our journeys, in alignment with nature -  an ultimate expression of integrity, truth and authenticity. Full Moon Ritual Mirror gazing. In many cultures, the act of eye gazing can open the veils to our deeper selves. In Shamanic practises we gaze to see beyond the masks of daily life. In Rumi gazing they believe the left eye is the window to the soul, and the right the window to the heart. So in the next 24 hours leading into and welcoming our Darkest day of the year.Take time to look into a mirror, to gaze into the windows of your soul.Allow whatever is present for you here. A possible reflection of age, wisdom, past, shadow, sparkles or archetypes may present their face; keep gazing beyond.Let yourself be present until you feel a sense of love and stillness. For some of us this practise may be uncomfortable or emotional, but through the doors of shadow there is an emerging of more potential and balance of the light within. By candlelight and with support of any elixir, we welcome new intentions for the seasons, knowing as we turn inward now we are storing energy for the emerging of the lighter months. We create energy within for higher potentials and creations to be expressed in fullness. "Everything alive is in movement. This movement we call growth. The most exciting form of growth is not mere physical growth, but the inner growth of one's soul and life."   John O'Donohue - Anam Cara

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