Winter Solstice

Posted by Anna Whiting on

Winter Solstice will be in the Southern Hemisphere at 8.07pm Thursday 21st June. As this shortest day of the year approaches we are often moved inward to the deeper layers, this can be such a powerful time to meditate and honour the silent spaces between moments, between breaths. Letting what has been drift away and immerse ourselves in the richness of early evenings by the fire and cosy mornings with cups of tea in bed. For me, growing up in the blue mountains, winter solstice was always celebrated with the Winter Magic Festival. And being a winter born baby, this time of year for me heralds a profound time to honour self, celebrate magic and warm the home and turn inward to the stillness within. My gift to you during this sacred time, is a ritual to welcome the magic of winter into your soul.... Lock the doors, turn off your phone, settle the family and light the fire, or many candles, around your home. drink a glass of water and let out three deep exhales. Light some sage and smudge around your home esp in the corners and near the doorways, a feather fan can help clear the space further. Sit in silence and stare into a flame allowing the dance of the Fire Element into your heart. Pour Heart oil into your hands and gently massage around your neck and shoulders, collarbones and face. Relax and welcome your inner voice to emerge. Allow whatever is resting in your heart to be heard as you keep mediating upon the fire. As you need to, light the end of a palo santo stick (or more sage) and allow the sacred smoke to shift negative emotions, stuck energy or thoughts. Continually bring your awareness to the dance of the flame. When you and your heart are sitting peacefully breathing with the fire element, mist around your field with shaman mist to anchor your highest potential to the here and now. Welcome soul state to earth star. Enjoy the connection to all that you are, the fire within and the magic of winter. Welcome the starry clarity of these early nights to connect to deeper aspects of your true self. May your light shine through the darkness my friends xx

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