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We're ecstatic to announce our feature in the April edition of Harper's Bazaar!

Being recognized as one of the beauty industry's brightest new stars, poised to become the most sought-after product, fills us with a deep sense of satisfaction and validation. It's a testament to our dedication and passion for what we do.

In a recent interview with the fabulous Eugenie Kelly from Harper's, we delved into the essence of Shemana Crystalline Elixirs and what sets us apart in the competitive world of skincare.

Eugenie began by highlighting Byron Bay as not only a haven for laid-back living and stunning beaches but also as a thriving hub for entrepreneurial endeavors. This sets the stage for our journey with Shemana Crystalline Elixirs.

Established technically in 2012, it wasn't until 2016 when the prestigious US site Free People approached us to stock our products that things truly began to accelerate. By 2017, with a rebrand under our belt and the discovery of our Ritual Face Serum by high-profile facialists, our brand skyrocketed to new heights.

What sets Shemana apart is our fusion of vibrational medicine with cutting-edge botanicals, specifically Australian Wildflower Essences, crafted into artisanally produced 'crystalline skincare.' With a range comprising mists, body oils, and our coveted serum, each product is meticulously handcrafted in small batches.

Why are we one to watch? Well, founders Jaymie Medlyn and Anna Whiting bring a unique blend of design expertise and spa retreat management to the table. Their shared passion for natural skincare and years of experience with vibrational remedies perfectly align with the current trends in holistic beauty and self-care.

Our packaging exudes chic sophistication, while the handcrafted nature of our products adds a touch of exclusivity. The timing couldn't be more perfect as the beauty industry buzzes with excitement over holistic approaches to skincare.

Among our cult favorites, the Savasana Meditation Mist is adored by yogis for its calming properties, while skincare enthusiasts and beauty editors swear by our Ritual Face Serum. Enriched with Almond and Jojoba oils and infused with a 'Herbal Solar Infusion,' activated by the energy of the sun and moon, it's a true embodiment of our commitment to harnessing the power of nature.

In conclusion, Shemana Crystalline Elixirs isn't just a skincare brand; it's a movement towards embracing the holistic and the natural. With our unique blend of vibrational medicine and botanical expertise, we're carving out a niche in an industry hungry for authenticity and innovation.

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